Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Fashion Fever

I don't know about you, but the beginning of Spring always makes me feel like updating my wardrobe. So, start saving your money and check out some of these fabulous Spring finds from Etsy!

Check out this lovely coral colored skirt from LoverlyMiss. It's casual enough to wear as an everyday piece but it's certainly not dull. It looks versatile and wonderfully comfortable.

Next up is this beautiful shawl from LoonsLoom. This shawl looks perfect for Spring because you can wrap it like a scarf for those chillier days and then let it hang around your shoulders when the sun comes out. The color and texture are also simply gorgeous!

Now we can't forget the perfect professional shirt for Spring. This top from Zareya isn't your everyday button up, it's appropriate for work but has a definite sense of style, flair, and class. Its fresh design is perfect for Spring.

These are one of my favorite Spring items. These shoes by HydraHeart are soft and simple yet they posses a unique style and charm. I find this particular shade of green to be delightful but you can get these in a variety of colors.

Spring is the time to play with color, pattern, and texture in your wardrobe so have fun and get inspired!

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Anonymous said...

That beautiful skirt makes me think of spring...and a great skirt to wear for a spring graduation!